Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance can become quite a hectic task when taking care of the business and at the same time trying to fight it out for online presence. Whether you are planning to develop a new website or looking to handover the responsibility of an existing website, InfoMUSE is ready to handle the job. We have tons of experience when it comes to handling website and the inner elements that need to be attended to daily. It doesn’t matter if the website has thousands of visitors who send in queries every day, as our professionals can handle the inflow without breaking a sweat.

We understand for some clients having a website is not the only thing, fortunately InfoMUSE team thrives on maintaining websites and help in the growth of such clients. Further, it is important to note that websites have to be constantly updated so that the search engines know that the administrator is serious about developing the online presence. With the help of Web Maintenance services by InfoMUSE you don’t have to worry about the website and concentrate on the business.

The FOUR steps to Website Maintenance offered by InfoMUSE


Update Management

Do you have an idea that needs posted or any modification that needs to be done? InfoMUSE can deal with any updates and come up with satisfactory results in 24-hours. We will handle everything from posting content to taking care of plug-in updates and that too for an affordable price.


Visitor Engagement

InfoMUSE provides designated staff to handle the visitors of a website. We will send custom mails based on the schedule, receive mails and if required deal with phone support as well. This way, the visitor would feel that he/she is always connected to the website.


Monthly Plans

We understand that there are times that need support and there are times that require a more personal touch. Therefore, InfoMUSE only moves with the client on monthly basis where the agreement has to be renewed monthly. This also allows the client to place scheduled investments when compared to long-term agreements.


1:1 client contact

InfoMUSE, to facilitate the convenience of the clients offers a client to team member contact. The person who handles the particular ‘web maintenance’ project will be provided with the client’s contact details and it is the same for the client. Therefore, anyone could contact in case of a confusion or clarification required.