SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO is the strength of a website, without which the search engines do not care for the website.

Many websites stay where they are even after years of effort simply because the website owners have never heard of SEO or they opted out of hiring an SEO expert. Google and other search engines validate a website based on the optimization done to it.

For example, a website wants to sell food products and their target audience is pizza lovers. There are thousands of websites that have the same target audience and without Search Engine Optimization the newly formed one would just be an addition to that list – ignored by Google.

The Search Engine Optimization methods offered by InfoMUSE are profound, comprehensive and result oriented. There are nearly 20 methods that need to be followed in order to place a website in the first page of Google ranking. All the methods need attention of professionals who will carefully handpick the priority of the methods based on the nature of the business.

The greatest feature of SEO services provided by InfoMUSE is that we do not use robots or programming to generate leads. Everything we do is done by manual research and implementation by our experts. This adds more weight to the website and helps it to rank better when compared to the competition. Our clients need only to worry about handling of the inflow of the customers once we start the SEO campaign.


SEO consultancy

InfoMUSE helps to define realistic objectives to our clients, which they can achieve either using our experts or try out on their own. But, we are always cheerful to help our clients to set goals, support them and guide through the Optimization process. We care for your growth and we love to be the invisible influence in the growth.


Keyword Research

Market strategies change from time to time and it is very important to keep updated with the favourite strategies of the day. Keyword Research done by InfoMUSE SEO experts are precise and projects the interests of the market. The keywords we submit can bring a lot of leads to the business and help in attaining success.


On-page SEO

From the structure to search engine algorithms present as elements inside a website our SEO experts will look at everything to suggest improvements based on the target business. We aim at adding more relevancy and authority to the client’s website by dealing with various aspects like schema, site migration, plug-in suggestion, content modification, etc.


Content Marketing

SEO and content go hand-in-hand during marketing campaigns. Therefore, the content needs to be compelling and should attract the target audience. Our team of experts are capable of providing such content that can penetrate into the minds of the readers, media or industry leaders. Reaching out to recognized websites is the best way to become the best.


Link Building

One of the oldest and the most effective methods to create inbound links that increases the power of a website. It takes a lot of effort to find relevant websites and get links to the client website. But, it is worth the wait as the results are outstanding and the “brand” recognition one seeks in the field can be achieved through this method.


Social Media Promotion

Search Engines were once the only way to drive traffic into the website, but with the advent of social media everything changes. A client’s hope to get more customers through online can be achieved with the help of good social media campaigning. It gives the direct opportunity to interact with the audience increasing the chances to get valued customers.


Penalty Recovery

Minor mistakes done due to lack of awareness can lead to penalizing the website by Google. However, that is not the end of the road – one can recover from the penalty with the help of careful auditing, identifying errors and rectifying the mistakes. At present every website has to follow Penguin & Panda updates of Google, failing to do so can lead to penalty.



How do you know we work? Well, InfoMUSE provides the latest reports on the Search Engine Optimization techniques we are using on a particular project. It involves rankings, improvement, analytics, conversion rates, revenue [if applicable], etc. So, you can relax and realize that the investment on your SEO project is actually worth it.

Of course, these are only a few of the services that InfoMUSE offers and there is lot to venture once you travel with us. Our SEO experts take pride in producing wonderful results to the client and it is our guarantee that the results would surpass the regular satisfactory levels.

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