Latest SEO Updates from Google for 2017

The digital world is more competitive and influenced when compare with the previous years. It has set a trend with more hyped-up features. To keep up with the competition and achieve the goal in the search engine sites, you need to be updated with the latest SEO updates. The Google has introduced some new updates for 2017. The way of achievement is by taking the initial of knowing about it perfectly.

The search engine receives the updates which are proportional to our search algorithms. The updates in Google’s search algorithms are very important to optimize the websites as it is the priority of Google. The webmasters should have proper awareness of all the latest updates and their following procedure. The grip on latest updates will allow the website admins to maintain better rankings on the search engines.

SEO updates

Google has centered all over its search admins for the world wide online users in a large range. By knowing the latest updates the webmasters can increase their site rankings on the search engines.  Google has the wide range of search algorithm that channelizes the rankings of website in the SERPs. This describes how important is to know the latest SEO updates.

Here we would describe about the latest SEO updates made by Google in 2017:

  1. Hummingbird Update: Google Hummingbird Update is nothing but aid pages which allows to do better in the search engines and its results. The changes of this update for 2017 are firstly to use the knowledge graphs facts in order to get the better search results. The second thing google as made easy identification of keyword stuffing. The last update is nothing but the effectiveness of long tail keywords.
  2. Penguin Update: The Google penguin is used for spammy, low quality links and over optimization. The main concept for introducing the penguin is to recognize the spammy content from the websites. Penguin 7 which is known as penguin 4.0 is the latest update which is introduced in the end of 2016 and is followed in to 2017.
  3. Panda Update: The Google Panda update was introduced with the concept of eliminating the multiple pages with same keyword. The new updates of panda for 2017 are Google panda loves new content. The pages with one or two paragraphs would be not allowed by the panda. So many outbound links along with keywords are bad.
  4. Pigeon Update: Google pigeon was introduced with the concept of providing the preferences for the local search results in the search engines, which is probably beneficial for the local businesses. The new update for this is, the locations are priority. Strong domains matters a lot. Over optimization of websites may result harmful.
  5. Google Mobile Friendly Update: The testing tools for mobiles are now having the API address. Google may choose the desktop users rather than AMP for mobile first index. Google has introduced the mobile first indexing for all mobile content search rankings.

There are many updates which changes constantly. The more you implement these SEO updates the more you can gain good rankings in the search engines.