Customized SEO checklist for maintaining an optimized website


Today, everything has become digital and promoting the business through the web sources are being the trend. The one who doesn’t know about the websites are still out of the world and competition. It’s no wonder that there are small businesses who doesn’t know the value of web services. Though almost 50% of the business world have their own websites and are doing well in their fields. Updating the web services and changing the visitors into the lead is also a big thing. The SEO ranking has its own important for any website. If you want your website to be popular on the search engines, then you must have the best SEO service done for your particular website.

Website SEO

The importance of organic traffic is much more valid for the website. The high rankings of a website on search engines can get a good customer response for your site. Better user experience and search engine aiming would help to increase the ROI of the company or business. Maintaining a checklist of SEO would be helpful to keep a good track of organic presence. Online presence would drive a good user experience and customer review.

  1. The first important thing in SEO comes with the Title tags. The title tags are very important and play an essential role for a website. Title tags are nothing but a headline which indicates the particular page. There are many fake title tags build of the site, so you should verify that there are no duplicate title tags for your website. If any such things are found, then remove immediately as they can confuse the search engines and harm your site rankings too.
  2. There are some cases of websites where the title tags are missing. The missing tags could not connect the page and it may harm the site’s rankings. Missing title tags may compromise the web page’s ability and reduces the ranks on search engines.
  3. Also see that your title tag is not too long or contains the multiple titles in it. The visitors may not able to track the web page if the title tag is bound with multiple tags. The SEO would not promote or allow such title tags.
  4. The second most important thing is the Anchor text. It is the hyperlink which redirects to another page. Alike the title tags the search engines would accept the anchor text as the destination page. Do maintain a good and correct anchor text.
  5. Many websites have the broken links which don’t redirect the web page to the destination. The search engines don’t accept the broken links in any case. If your website has so you will get the bad customer reviews.
  6. The Content is the important part of the website. If we look clearly, the whole website is based on the content. The content should always be unique and if you maintain any duplicate content, then there is no use of having a website. The first thing to add in the SEO checklist is to avoid the duplicate content.
  7. Do add the things to which should be avoided strictly such as the errors of 404 – page not found, 500 – server errors etc. These would be the major drawbacks.

The checklist would help to keep remember the do’s and dont’s for an optimized website. Do follow them and experience the best customer reviews along with higher return on investment.