Does Link Building has Influence in Website Ranking?

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In any firm SEO analysts have a  very difficult role to play as they have to design the strategy and use many tactics to increase the amount of visitors to the particular website and also obtain high rankings  of the site in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Generally the SEO specialist recommends the link building as a best tactic and always struck by the questions like when would they get the benefits from it and if there would be any influence for the rankings or not? But the fact is a new link would not affect the rankings immediately.

According to the research it’s known that the SEO campaign consists of several links during their process and it’s difficult to recognize the result from one particular link. SEO is a step by step process and it’s a long term investment, but it’s also true that though link building may take too much of time to show the results but it will have a good influence on the rankings. Here we would discuss some points which should be focused by planning the SEO campaign.

Link Building

  1. It’s important to maintain an agency for SEO campaign and always choose the reputed firm as they would have the specialist who has already experimented many techniques of link building. This process of selecting an agency may take approximately two months as it’s difficult to find the best agency.
  2. Many small businesses who are building up their association can take help from the PR teams as they would build more effective links through domain authority by linking them to the landing pages for the website.
  3. After finding the agencies for their campaigns, it’s also necessary to start building good content for the website which helps to get good rankings in search engines. This process may take a month to collect and generate good content for the site.
  4. Always try some new tactics to grab the visitor’s attention and these days info graphics is popular for link building campaigns. It will take about one month for linking the info graphics and increasing the valuable links for the website.
  5. Do a lot of research and collect the data about the choices of the visitors and know that which type of posts and content attracts the visitor’s or viewers. The more you get the exact information the more it will help to create a perfect plan.
  6. Create the useful and attractive posts and also give exciting the offers for the visitor’s and connect those links to the main website. Always check that the call to action function given in the web pages is working or not.
  7. Promotion is the important part of the link building section and it should be done in an appropriate way. Executing a campaign is very essential and the links executed may take time to implement the result. It may take time of about 2 weeks as the linked sites should be approved. After the approval has been done the results would be seen.

By this estimated strategy and planning it is clear that this campaign of link building may take 10 weeks of time to implement the results and though it takes time it’s influence on the rankings are very effective and valuable. Any firm or small businesses may need not worry about the results and can use this tactic for getting high rankings on the search engines.