Penguin is now the part of Google’s Core Algorithm

Google Penguin update

Finally, Google has updated the penguin 4.0 algorithm after 2 years as it was last updated in October 2014. There was a big announcement from Google about this update and also they had confirmed that the penguin has become their core algorithm.Many of the SEO’s have been waiting for this update as of now there will be the real time updates which would be the best part after the update.

Google Penguin:

Google penguin was first launched in 2012 and is known as the one specific signal of the algorithm. It is nothing but an update in the SEO which access the quality of inbound links of websites and many people start buying the links or obtain them in a wrong procedure in order to get high Google rankings. These techniques of SEO are harmful and Google would not accept such spammed sites. It will also penalize if the website is having any low quality inbound links.


Generally Google reviews the links in a periodic manner, but with the penguin update there will be no gap between the updates. If the webmasters can find the spam links and try to remove the spam, Google will recognize them and would recover in a short term. It’s very essential to track the links of the website regularly and also avoid the low quality links and spammy links which can affect the site traffic in the search engines.

Inbound links and most preferred tools of them:

An inbound bound link is nothing but a back link which is present on the third party webpage which probably reflects to the targeted website. There are many tools to identify the inbound links and also keeping a track of the links is essential in order to remove the duplicate links regularly. The most preferred tools are:

  1. Open site explorer – Its provided by the Moz, and gives the accurate list of the inbound links
  2. Ahrefs – It provides the inbound links of the particular site which can be downloaded also.

Procedure to remove the low quality links:

  1. First of all, identify the low quality links and also some natural links which are generated automatically by some spam sites. Remove such links by using the nofollow tags.
  2. Google’s “disavow tool.” is also very helpful for removing the low quality inbound links.
  3. There are two options to get rid of the problem of low quality sites is that follow the technique of manual checking or use online tools to remove the spammy links.

Is the penguin completely live?

According to the Google latest news, it’s known that penguin is not completely live and probably is now “rolling out”. It’s also estimated that it would take a couple of weeks to Google to lead the proper updates.

Penguin is now real time:

The new update by the Google penguin 4.0 is now in real time and the sites affected by it will periodically refresh the pages at the same time. Previously, if the site has good presence in the web world, then Google would consider it quickly but penguin needed to be refreshed. But now after this penguin updates the data on the site will be refreshed at the real time. So the results would be very fast after the indexing of the web page which would be very useful.

Penguin will be more granular:

Now only the spam links or pages would devalue by the penguin and it will not affect the ranking of the complete site.

There have been many updates by the Google such as penguin and may more so the webmasters should be alert all the time and focus on the creating the original links for the compelling websites.