Mobile First Index and Its Benefits

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Google has recently announced their first experiment about the Mobile First index and that’s great news for everyone especially for the webmasters. Many people use smart phones these days and almost 70% of them go through the mobile phones to search anything on Google. About many of the websites are mobile friendly are indexed by the Google and without the indexing of pages the website traffic can be low and it may not crawl on the search engines.

 Mobile First index:                                                                                     

Google indexing is the primary source for the content of the websites and they are essential for higher rankings on the search engines. These days, many of the businesses maintain their own websites which are mobile friendly too, but not indexed by the google for the mobile versions. This may drop the site traffic and rankings of the website so in order to solve this major problem Google has announced their Mobile First index experiment.

In a short summary google will crawl all the pages of the site and index the mobile version of the website as it was done for the desktop version. Google also said that they will make use of the site’s content to rank the pages for the mobile versions in order to understand the data structure of the website.

Mobile First Index

 Will the websites have different indexes for Desktop and mobile versions?

According to the sources it was known that there might be the two indexes provided by the Google for the websites but this news was not 100% sure. But a couple of days before the most senior head of the Google indexing group had confirmed that there will be only single indexing for both desktop and mobile versions.

According to the sources the launching date of this experiment is still a couple of weeks far. Also the team of Google has started their experiment and for some subsets of users the mobile indexing is on live of their websites. Their teams are in the testing process and are willing for the 100% best results and the great user experience.

Impact of mobile indexing on the webmasters:

As per the expert team of google, it’s known that this change will not occur on the webmasters at all. The indexing of the websites for the desktop version will be in a general way, even if some of it does not have the mobile versions. The aim of the Google team is to bring out the neutral launch without any major impact on the webmasters.

If the mobile versions will have, the less content the google will index all the pages and also keep changing the hidden content on the mobile in order to give more weight for the tabs and drop downs of the site.

Impact of the links while indexing the mobile version:

Many of the people may think that the links of the website would be misplaced or the missing links may not consider during the mobile indexing. But Google is working on this field and will probably find the best way to index all the missing links.

Moreover, all the things described are just a recent update, but there is still more and more information about the Mobile first indexing experiment. To get all the updated information – keep visiting our site and we will always keep you on the top of the latest announcements and updates.