Accelerated Mobile Pages & how can it amplify website results!

Accelerated Moblie Pages

In this generation the technology has been growing vastly and the websites are playing an essential role for any businesses. People are getting aware about the importance of websites and almost 60% of the business have their own professional websites. Many of the users expect a lot from the websites that it should be mobile friendly or the website loading speed should be fast. About 40% of the people abandon the website if its loads for about more than 5 seconds. So, Google has introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative in order to solve the problems of slow loading web pages and improve the Website experience for the visitors.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is nothing but a Project introduced and developed by the Google with an aim to speed up the loading content and web pages with the simple code of AMP HTML. AMP is the HTML pages which take the advantage of different technical approaches to increase the speed of the web pages by loading it almost instantaneously. It’s a method to build web pages for the static content based on the users choice which permits the page to load faster than of the normal HTML pages.

Uses of AMP:

All the web pages which contain valid AMP version will probably have their mobile versions with good loading speed and the results will be quite justified. The visitors may be able to load the content very soon on any of their smart phones and that will be beneficial for the business.

Accelerated mobile pages

There are some limitations in the AMP HTML format as it would be designed to improve both speed and readability of the website content which are:

The CSS of the content would require a streamlined version. The images will be loaded when they are scrolled down. Any of the Java Script will not be allowed in the Accelerated Mobile Pages coding.

Some important tips to amplify the client’s website:

  1. The sites which are built from the scratch or has the custom HTML will require the additional development and the one who are using the popular CMS would just require to add AMP coding and install the plugins.
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages are not beneficial for all types of websites. These are useful for static site, such as Recipes, Movies listing, Videos, News, and etc. The dynamic sites would not have any positive effects of it.
  3. The whole site of the client is needed not amplified as the essential pages like blogs, products and articles can be added the AMP code as they are the vital pages for the visitors. These pages may get the relevant benefits for the websites.
  4. The AMP is the open source project so if any site is not supporting the AMP format, then the components can be also designed
  5. The Accelerated Mobile pages require some extra requirements in some of the search results and they need to be a valid HTMLs.
  6. If the site has the valid AMP pages, even then they do not have any particular ranking on the search engines. The only difference in the search results is that the accelerated mobile pages would be labeled with the AMP icon.

Though many people are having the mobile friendly websites, but not everyone is aware of the AMP update and the benefits of it. These AMP HTMLs are really beneficial for the websites and also help to grab more visitors to the websites.